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2020 Mini Nubian Buckling

f7, Registerable, Moonspots!

This Lil man was born March 20, 2020 and will be available in May. He has moonspots just like is daddy. He comes from Green Gables lines. His grandma has her milk star. 

He is disbudded, received CDT shots, comes from a clean herd and MDGA registerable. 

Son of Silver Sage SS Moonwinks and Ivy Acres Blue Sky.


Babies Due Next

Babies are due August 22, 2o2o. Possible blue eyes and moonspots

Babies are due August 23, 2o2o. Possible blue eyes and moonspots


Pricing & Policies

Babies are dam-raised and handled by us everyday from the time of birth up to the day they leave. During their stay we provide constant care to ensure a healthy start, they are also exposed to the milk stand. All babies are disbudded, receive CD&T shots and receive probiotics before they travel to their new home. 

All babies are registerable.

Doelings and Bucklings price is $350-$500, price is dependant of quality of baby and  lineage.
Wethers: $150-$250


Half down, non-refundable deposits are required to ensure a hold on the goat kid you want. Goat kids are sent home upon weaning, at 8 weeks old.
  I will not hold a goat passed their available date, please make needed arrangements to ensure you are ready for them. 

Goats are herd animals and must go to a home where there are other goats. 

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