Goat Milk Soap

Handcrafted  *  Toxin Free *  Nourishing Ingredients 

Goat Milk from our Happy Herd!


We begin our soap with milk from our herd of happy goats. Goats milk is a wonderful addition to soap as it is packed with vitamins B2 and A. It has the power to help those with eczema, acne, psoriasis, dry or sensitive skin. It also provides a Natural PH balance which leaves your skin feeling just like it should. 

After doing plenty of research I have created a recipe that creates a softer,  luxurious bar that has an extra bit of oils for a silky and not over-drying bar.  All soap are created with either just essential oils or non-toxic fragrance and all natural colorants to keep my family and your family safe from harsh chemicals! 

If you see a bar you like but have an allergy to one of the ingredients please email me. I will accept custom orders. Custom orders will take 5-6 weeks to be made, cured and shipped . 

We hope you enjoy our selection of amazing smelling, colorful soaps!

Canterlily Farm is a hobby farm located  Gowanda, NY.

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