Welsh Harlequins

We have a small flock of Silver-Phased Welsh Harlequins. They are very fun to have on our hobby farm. They are comical, intelligent and great layers.  


 Originate: They are a beautifully marked duck that originates from a flock of miscolored Khaki Campbells, they are considered a rare breed. 

 Markings and Coloring: Welsh Harlequins come in two phases, the gold phase and the silver phased.  Silver phased ducks differ from the gold in that the silver ducks have more grey tones and their wing speculum is blue/green. Females have a black bill and brown legs and feet, and their plumage is similar to a mallard but heavily frosted with white. They also lack the eye stripes of mallard females. Drakes are also similar to a heavily frosted Mallard with a yellow/green bill and orange legs and feet. 

 Size and Production: Welsh Harlequins are great foragers and prolific layers. They lay medium to large white eggs and provide 150-280 eggs per year.  They are considered a medium size duck, females weighing around 4 1/2 lbs. and males weighing around 5 1/2 lbs.   


 Ducklings: Welsh Harlequins can be sexed right after hatching with about a 90% accuracy within the first 3 days as girls will have a pink beak with some dark spots and the boys bills will be darker entirely. 


 Welsh Harlequins mature at 16-28 weeks and are known to be broody. Like most domestic ducks, they are capable of flying very short distances, ours don't fly much over two feet off the ground. 

      ** We will be adding to this page in the next two months with more information on raising ducks. Please come back to visit!

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